Q: What are the benefits of custom drapery?
They're tailor-made for your windows; nothing comes out of a box. And since our certified workrooms make everything to our exact specifications, from stitch length to hem allowance, the quality is guaranteed 100%.
Proper fullness is the key to a custom look. Most ready-mades have only 1-1½ to 2 times fullness. Ours are made with the right fullness for the chosen fabric — usually 2½ to 3 times. Pleats are deep for a sumptuous look.
Custom draperies can be made to any size, from short (to clear a bookcase) to long (floor length) and longer (if you prefer puddling). If you have very large windows, we offer extra-long pleats for extra-tall draperies.
Our custom draperies feature 4-inch weighted double hems and 1 to 1½-inch double side hems. Trimmings are hand-sewn or machine-sewn as appropriate. Mounting boards for shades and valances are covered with your fabric so they look good from any angle.
Q: How much a pair of custom drapery usually cost?
A: The price may vary; it depends on many factors such as size of the window, hardware, fabric type, banding, trims, ruffles and overall complexity of the design.
Q: How long does it take to manufacture a custom drapery?
A: It depends on complexity of the project. For example ,pair of ripple fold drapery may take only two weeks where drapery which is over-sized and require custom hardware will usually take more time. It is also depends on the LEAD time from the vendors.
Q: Why do I need a lining and interlining for my draperies?
A: Drapery Lining is an element which is often overlooked in the design process of the window treatment. It is however a crucial factor in the final outcome and look of the finished product. Lining draperies will add years to the life of fabric.
It protects them from fading and damage and it gives most fabrics more body and weight, causing them to have more elegant drape.
Lining will provide a uniform appearance of the same color from the exterior of the house.
Lining play an important part in controlling/blocking light and providing thermal protection
Draperies should always be lined, except in cases where the fabric is sheer, and it being used specifically for its transparent qualities.
Q: Can I use my own fabric?
A: Yes, we can work with your fabric as well as with wide selections from our fabric vendors.
Q: How to choose drapery hardware?
A: We will help you to choose the right drapery hardware for the particular design. You can also chose a motorize hardware that will make your draperies more functional and easy to operate.
Q: Why do I need a sheer underneath the drapery?
A: Though breezy and casual alone, sheer curtain panels can add drama to a room by providing a multi-layered effect under regular curtains. By creating a curtain set that can pull back or be tied off to reveal the sheer panel, a more formal and color-coordinated look can be achieved. Having a dual layer of curtains also allows more light to spill in by pulling back only the top layer, or allows more heat to be retained by closing both layers.
Sheer curtain panels are delicate window or glass coverings made of somewhat transparent materials. They may serve to bring a light, breezy feel to a room, or serve as an additional layer of concealment under heavier curtains.
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